Dodge Ram Park Assist System Error

If you see the message "Service Park Assist System" on the dashboard and an indicator light is lit up on the button of the rear park assistant, it means the system has an error. The most obvious issues are: 

  1. Parking sensors failure 
  1. Park Assist Wire Harness is damaged (a short in the wire, corrosion of the wires, or bad connection) 

Let`s start by checking the parking sensors, the easiest thing to check. Install wheel chocks under the tires on both sides of the carthen turn the ignition on, switch the gear selector to position "R". 


Then go to the rear bumper and touch each sensor with your finger. If you feel tingling on your finger, then the sensor is okay. If they are ok, you may have to change the sensor. Check all connectors of the  "sensor-harness", they should be plugged in. Then make visual inspection of the park assist wire harness (wiring jumper). If you find corrosion of the wires, broken connectors, or a short in the wires. You may try to repair it or buy a new park assist wire harness in our catalog Dodge Ram Wiring Jumper.

Have a good ride!