Definition of error codes P2580 P2579 - Turbocharger Speed Sensor Circuit Low

The Turbo Speed Sensor provides the ECM with a rotational speed reading in Variable Geometry Turbos (VGT), which helps prevent excessive turbo RPM's that can cause turbo and/or engine damage. 

If you have "Check Engine" light indicated on your dashboard and after scanning your vehicle you see error codes P2579 or P2580in most cases this means you have problem with your turbo speed sensor. 

Here are the possible causes: 

  1. Faulty Turbocharger Speed Sensor 
  1. Turbocharger Speed Sensor harness is open or shorted 
  1. Turbocharger Speed Sensor circuit is making a poor electrical connection 

There is an easy way to check the sensor without even taking it off the car. Simply unplug the electrical connector and measure its resistance. If resistance is in the range 600-1600 Ohms, your sensor is good. If not – just exchange it with a new one from our cataloge: 




Have a good ride!