Parts that fit. Parts that work. Prices that are fair. 

Consumers and professional technicians face challenges such as Complex repairs, new technologies, expensive OEM parts, unreliable private store brands, cheap parts that just don’t fix the problem. We understand these frustrations because we live and breathe auto parts. That is why we are motivated to engineer real solutions. 

We value your time.  

That is why we sell online, avoiding the additional costs of traditional distribution, while creating a fast and convenient experience for our customers.

We care about your repair. 

If you need quality aftermarket parts to finally make those repairs that you have been putting off, Motiv8 is your solution. If you are a professional tech that stands behind your work, trust Motiv8 to be the brand to help you get the job done right. 

Parts you can trust. 

With the continual technological advancements in todays’ vehicles, technicians need a brand that is motivated to quickly develop the quality parts they need. Motiv8 was created to fill this market void and provide mechanics (both professional and DIY) with a higher level of quality aftermarket parts they can trust.