6.4L Ford Power Stroke Turbo Rebuild

Let`s talk about the 6.4L Ford engine. That engine is standard on the Ford F-250 through F-550 from 2008 to 2010. The 6.4L has a short block similar to the 6.0L but with slightly larger bores (3.87 inches vs. 3.74 inches), different heads, bigger head bolts, a compound twin-turbo setup (a smaller low-pressure turbo to boost the larger high-pressure variable geometry turbo), two water pumps, high-pressure common rail fuel system with piezo injectors, and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) in the exhaust to reduce soot emissions. 

The 6.4L came on the market at the same time emissions laws became stricter so manufacturers had to start engineering their trucks to meet a much higher standard. With the introduction of the first round of the DPF and the increasingly intense EGR systems, these trucks started to plug up quickly. 

This was the early stages of the DPF system before DEF fluid was used and the trucks had to rely on the heat of the engine to burn out the catalysts. At the same time, diesel motorsports were becoming quite popular and the 6.4L Super Duty was here to rock. With a fuel system and transmission that could handle all the added power, plus an exhaust and a tunerand suddenly the trucks were putting down 500+ horsepower to the wheels. The beauty of the 6.4L Powerstroke was how little work you needed to do to turn a boring stock truck into a monster.  

There’s no need to get into all the problems with the 6.4L Power Stroke. There is a lot of info on the internet and many solutions to show you how to fix the common problems. But for your engine maintenance, you may need a turbo mounting kit and you can find it in our catalog Turbo Seal Kit.

One of our customers, who had shopped for his truck with the 6.4L diesel engine, said: "It is like a really hot girlfriend that treats you bad and spends all your money". We want to help you to save your money while providing you high-quality parts 

Have a good ride!