How  to Replace Turbo Oil Feed Line
  • Please read this manual carefully before installation. 
  • Please also refer to your vehicle service manual in conjunction with this manual. 
  • After the installation has been completed, please keep this manual for future reference. 
  • If the installation was done in a shop, please make sure to give this manual to the owner. 

Kit Contents 

  • Turbo Oil Pipe
  • Gasket - 2 pcs
  • Banjo Bolt - 2 pcs

Required tools 

  • Your vehicle workshop service manual 
  • Mechanic’s tool kit, 5mm hex bit, 18mm wrench 


  • This product was designed specifically for the application specified. If an attempt is made to use this product on another car other than specified, you will risk damaging this part and/or components related to it. 
  • Do not use any excessive force when installing this product as you risk damaging the product or other parts. 
  • This product must be installed with the appropriate tools and equipment to prevent any electrical failures, injuries, or bodily harm.  


Preparing for replacement: 

  1. Park your vehicle.  
  2. Engage the parking brake to keep the wheels locked. Ensure your vehicle will not move. Shut off the engine and ignition, and remove the key from the ignition switch. 
  3. Open the hood. Disconnect the battery, removing the negative terminal first.


The Turbo Oil Feed Line replacement requires the Turbocharger removal. Please refer to your vehicle service manual for Turbocharger removal.

Turbo Oil Feed Line Replacement

  1. With the turbocharger removed from the engine, remove the old Turbo Oil Feed Line with a 14 mm socket so the sealing washer can be replaced prior to reinstallation.
  2. Be sure to replace the oil feed sealing washer and clean the gasket mounting surface for the oil drain tube at the rear of the engine. Please use the new gaskets supplied with the tube.
  3. Connect the new Turbo Oil Feed Line with new bolts.
  4. Reinstallation of the turbocharger is reverse of removal. Once the turbocharger has been reinstalled, the bearings must be lubricated before attaching the Turbo Oil Feed Line.To do so, pour 4 to 8 fl. oz of new, clean motor oil into the oil feed hole at the top of the bearing housing while rotating the compressor wheel.
  5. Fill the radiator with new or drained coolant, re-install the tires, and re-connect the battery terminals (the negative terminal should be re-connected last).


If you do not feel confident doing the job yourself, have a certified technician perform the replacement. We remind you that if you need to buy Turbo Oil Feed Line for your car, you can do it in our online store here: Oil lines - for a car engine – MOTIV8 Engineering (