How to Diagnose Ford Transit Connect Window Switch Problems?

Ford Transit Connect is a popular model of commercial vehicle not only in Europe but America as well. There are thousands of these cars on the roads of America. If you drive this car, one issue you may face is when one or both windows become stuck and the switch doesn’t respond to commands. There are a few common issues that can cause this problem.  These include:  

  1. a blown fuse 
  1. a bad window motor 
  1. wiring issues  
  1. the window switch  

If none of the windows are working, the most likely cause is a fuse or window relay that has gone bad. You need to locate the fuse box, and then the power window fuse. Pull the fuse out and inspect it to see if it is blown. If the fuse is blown, replacing it will get your power windows working again.  If the fuse keeps blowing, you’ll need to figure out what is causing your wiring harness to short out.  

 Another possible reason your windows are not working is a power window motor failure. You’ll have to take the door panel off to get to the power window motor (see manual). If you have verified that the motor is getting power with a voltmeter, but is not moving the windows up and downit’s time to get a new window motor. The motor going bad is almost always a slow process.  If the windows were going up and down slowly for a while, that is usually a sign that the window motor is going out. 

And the last reason your power windows aren’t working is the window switch failure. The principle of window switch operation is very simple. There is a 12-volt signal at the switch.  It sends that signal to the power window motor. If you put a voltmeter on it, there should be 12 volts going into the motor as long as the key is on, and ±12 volts out when you press the switch. 

If not, the switch is broken and needs to be replaced. Here is a link to order a new one:

Have a good ride!