HD Flexplate Flywheel | CUMMINS 3918959 | AT545 Allison Transmission | CUMMINS B Series, ISB 3.9, ISB 5.9, ISB 6.7 - Motiv8

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HD Flexplate Flywheel for CUMMINS

Suitable for car models:

HD Flexplate Flywheel. This part is used in CUMMINS engines.

Cummins Engines: B Series ISB 3.9 5.9 6.7

Transmission: Allison AT545 Transmission

Exact copy of original spare parts:

CUMMINS 3918959


Number of Teeth: 159

Outer Diameter: 407.3mm / 16in.
Root Circle Diameter: 397.7mm / 15.65in.
Width of center : 3mm / 0.11 in.
Width of gear section: 14.50mm / 0.57 in.

Inner Diameter of Plate: 70.10mm / 2.76 in.
Diameter for 6 holes location: 346mm / 13.62 in.
Six holes Inner Diameter: 11.20mm
Six holes location angle: 60°

Mounting diameter for Ø13 eight holes : 110mm
Outer Diameter for 8 mounting holes: 13mm
Eight hole Ø13 angle location: 45°

Back side teeth cut: 1.5x45°
Welding 12 places x 40mm length

100% Balance test inspected
100% Lateral Runout test inspected
100% Circumferential Runout test inspected

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